Just a short update. The converter you built for the Chevy is working! Andy just got runner-up at the NHRA Division 5 Lucas Oil Top Dragster race in Brainerd, MN.
The car was on kill all weekend.  It varied from 7.597 to 7.614 with 800' of weather change and gusty 20-25 mph crosswinds. The 60' stuck on 1.072-1.075 all weekend. Flashes 6100 off the 4600 chip, shifts at 6800, drops to 6400 and rolls through at 6900, 7.60 at 171 mph. Not much heat generated.
VERY satisfied customer on this end.
THANKS for hitting it the first time.

Hi Alan,
My transmission arrived on Thursday and it looks awesome.Thank you so much for all your help, It was a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to doing more in the future.
Kind regards Brent from Australia

Alan, just a quick note to let you know that I got the converter in and ran this weekend.
Before the work it was about .2 slower than my TCI, after your repairs itís a mirror image
of the TCI which is what I was after. I pulled the chip and tested it and it went up to
exactly 5500 so itís doing just what you said. Many thanks for making a good piece out of it.
Iíll be sending my other converter down this winter for a refresh. Again thanks for a good job! Mike